I’m honestly the master of incorporating taylorswift into my school work. Essay about someone I look up to? Taylor. Speech about subject of choice? Taylor.

Currently making a slideshow presentation about Queensland, Australia…guess who has their own slide…. (If u guessed Taylor you’re right)

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Hi taylorswift I know you’re on here right now so i was hoping this would finally be the chance for you to see my tattoo. Back in July 2013, I met you in Pittsburgh on the Red tour and you wrote out my tattoo for me. You told me you nailed it when you wrote it out and you really really did nail it. I couldn’t be more happy to carry it with me every single day  for the rest of me life. I hope you’re proud of me. I love you so much.  



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Will taylorswift ever love me? Will she ever be my friend? The world may never know……

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Mother and daughter photos are so important taylorswift

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Hey there Taylor, it’s Maire here. This is from last night at my cousins wedding. They played shake it off and I literally sprinted across the room screaming WAIT WAIT WAIT. I then jammed so hard I got a headache. Anyway we had the pleasure of meeting on August 18th at your livestream event! I’m the girl who’s dance picture you commented on and who you gave advice to on finding yourself and falling in love. I don’t mean to take up your time, I know you have plenty of fans who are dying for you to notice them. I just had a question for you. I know you’ve mentioned various times that you worry about everything. That you overthink everything. That you get nervous, just like the rest of us. My question: how do you deal? It’s ridiculous how often I have to reassure myself that everything will be okay. That I’m just blowing things out of proportion in my head. No matter the situation I will find a way to be anxious about it. I’m a semi-perfectionist, I too suffer from the fear of “being sent to the principals office,” I don’t like making mistakes (who does though). I take everything to heart and I care. I care A LOT. About everything. And sometimes it’s hard when it seems like everyone around me is going with the flow and I’m the only one shaking in my boots. Do you have advice on how to keep my nerves at bay? I just need reassurance that everything will work out. I know it will. It’s what I tell people all the time and yet I’m still scared. Constantly. I’ve never been comfortable with myself. I’m proud of my values and how I choose to live but my insecurities are still there. I just want to know if you have any thoughts on this. I adore you and just want to thank you for being there. I love you more than I do most things.Love, Maire taylorswift


The lyric continuously running through my head is “you can want who you want / boys and boys and girls and girls” IM JUST SO PROUD OF IT