Anonymous: "You are so incredibly beautiful. You have the most amazing eyes. They're seriously killing me. 😍😍😍"

Oh my gosh. Thank you so much!

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Selfie Sunday. Kisses for all xo

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Alex Stoddard

"Alex Stoddard was born in Jacksonville, Florida and spent his childhood growing up in the deep south. He began taking self-portraits at the age of sixteen in the woods behind his Georgian home, and this stirred in him the need to create and express himself through the craft of photography.

His work focuses on the human form and the process of infusing it with natural surroundings. He also strives to create whimsical and surreal portraits.”


soon i will have to pay rent and food and INTERNET AND IM NOT READY FOR THAT


Leaving her apartment in NYC 7/24/14 (x)


if i ever got money from taylor swift